Delivery to and from the Art Exhibition

If the Finalist is digital media, the Artist must have provided the Finalist in final form prior to the Entry Close Date as described in clause 1.3. KWM will destroy any CD or USB of the Finalist provided by the Artist with the EOI and delete any files or images of the Finalist within 14 days of conclusion of the Art Exhibition or, if the Finalist is a Winner, the Travelling Art Exhibition. KWM will not destroy or delete a Finalist in digital media to the extent that KWM holds a current licence to the Finalist under clause 5(j).

The remainder of this clause does not apply to digital media or to any Eligible Artwork if King & Wood Mallesons decides to hold the Art Exhibition digitally.

KWM will be responsible for the organisation of, and costs for, transport and insurance of the Finalists from the Regional Depot to the Art Exhibition and back to the Regional Depot. The Artist is responsible for the organisation of, and costs for, transport and insurance of the Finalists to a Regional Depot. The locations for delivery to Regional Depots are described in clause 9. It is the Artist’s responsibility to use a reputable shipping company familiar with transporting artwork for delivery to the Regional Depot.

All Finalists must arrive at a Regional Depot by the date indicated in clause 9 marked with the details described. Artworks will be carefully packed at the Regional Depots for transport to Melbourne. Any packaging used to transport artwork to your nominated Regional Depot will be discarded. Any Finalists received at a Regional Depot after the date described in clause 9 will not be accepted and the Artist will be required to promptly arrange pick-up and return of their Finalist. No other artwork, other than the Finalist submitted with the EOI, will be accepted for the Art Exhibition.

Following the Art Exhibition and, for a Winner, any Travelling Art Exhibition, KWM will return the Finalist to the Regional Depot for collection by the Artist, unless agreed otherwise. Upon delivery to the Regional Depot, or any alternative agreed delivery point, KWM ceases to be responsible for the Finalist. Artists will be responsible for collection of their Finalist work from the Regional Depot. Artists will be notified by the Regional Depot of the return of their Finalist work and its availability for collection. Artists will also be responsible for all storage costs at the Regional Depot for the period following 14 days after this notification.

If the Artist does not collect their Finalist within 14 days of its return to the Regional Depot, it will be returned to KWM by the Regional Depot and become the property of KWM, unless otherwise agreed with the Artist.


KWM is only responsible for insurance of the Finalists from the time they are accepted by the Regional Depot until 14 days following the return of the Finalist to the Regional Depot or delivery to an alternative different delivery point agreed with KWM. In the event that a Finalist is damaged, but able to be repaired by the Artist, KWM will only cover the cost of repair and depreciation (if any).

Travelling Art Exhibition

If the Finalist is a Winner, it may, at King & Wood Mallesons’ discretion:

(a) travel to each of the King & Wood Mallesons’ offices around Australia and be displayed there; and / or

(b) travel to King & Wood Mallesons’ offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and the People’s Republic of China and to the KWM Art Centre in Beijing and be displayed there, for up to 18 months following the closure of the Art Exhibition (the “Travelling Art Exhibition”).

Upon conclusion of any Travelling Art Exhibition, the Winner will then be returned to the Regional Depot for collection by the Artist in accordance with clause 3.1, unless agreed otherwise with the Artist. KWM will be responsible for the organisation of, and costs for, transport, insurance and customs duties and taxes (if any) for the Winners in connection with the Travelling Art Exhibition.


Artwork Drop-off & Pick-up Schedule

Updated schedule due November 2020

An updated drop off schedule to be added here in the coming weeks. This is to accommodate the changes to the award and the physical exhibition now taking place in July 2021

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